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March, 2012:

Session Materials from Prairie DevCon West 2012

I had a great time presenting two sessions in Calgary last week.  For those who attended the sessions and for the folks in Saskatoon where I did the SQL 2012 session, here are the slides and demos.

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SQL Server 2012 Launch

Hey everybody – the next version of SQL server is going to be available on April 1.  Despite being April fool’s day, this release is no joke.  With features like AlwaysOn Availability groups and Columnstore indexes, this is a major release.  My favourite new thing is the enhancements to intellisense, but I can be strange that way…

There is a whole lot to get up to speed on for this release, and an excellent, fun and potentially rewarding way to do that would be to register for and log into the SQL Server 2012 launch event – it kicks off with live keynotes tomorrow (Wednesday, March 7).  Learn stuff, ask live experts questions and win prizes.